What Is SEO?

If you are check out any SEO tutorial for beginners on the internet, you find most of them giving due importance to Google search engine. Even though there are so many other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, etc., Google is the most used by internet users all over the globe. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important for any online business to gain visibility online and to outsmart your competitors. You need to optimize your site with the relevant and in-demand keywords so that your rank in the top 2 pages of Google searches engine results. You can leverage the SEO and use it in the right manner to generate more traffic to your website from the unpaid search engine results. Hence, creating an SEO centric website can bring in targeted customers to your business website.

What Should You Know About SEO?

These days’ people search online to find things. Here, the keywords gain importance as people use specific keywords to find out specific things online. People look out for things related to a business. Hence, using the optimized and the right SEO keywords on the site is the best option to be under the watchful eyes of Google. The first important thing to know from a web SEO tutorial is therefore the keywords. On-page SEO is a good option to let Google know what the contents of the webpage are and how good it is. You can also use off-page SEO to create many backlinks to your site. Having quality and more backlinks are the best options to make Google think that your page is very good.

Guide to SEO

  • Use high quality and unique content on your website to attract the search engines.
  • Have web pages specifically highlighting the main purpose of the website and the page.
  • Do not prevent the search engines from crawling on your site.
  • Allow the search engines to render certain elements from the page.
  • Get backlinks from trusted and reliable web domains and sites.
  • Do not try keyword stuffing on the main page. This will do more bad than good.

How Do You Optimize Websites?

The best SEO tools you can use to optimize your website and to increase its page rankings are the on-page and off-page. You can incorporate both these techniques in the steps mentioned below to boost your Google rankings.

  • Have a proper understanding of the kind of keywords people are searching for on Google for your business. Use keyword research tools to find the most optimal words for your business.
  • Develop website content that potential targets would like to see. Make sure the content does have the proper placement of the keywords.
  • Use an SEO-centric and exciting title and Meta description that can drive the customers to your site.
  • Use appropriate naming for the website images and try including the keywords into the mix to draw attention.
  • Look for relevant and high-quality backlinks from similar niches.

How Do You Start with SEO?

Check any SEO tutorial and you will find that SEO is not a short distance trace. You need to be ready for the long run. The following can help you start the SEO process.

  • Create a content-rich website that has all essential and targeted keywords on all its pages.
  • Look to build and develop backlinks as it can bring in a lot of traffic very quickly.
  • Keep an eye on the keyword rankings and the backlinks using the right tracker tools.
  • Update the content and carry out audits to optimize it.
  • Use the best WordPress SEO plugin to increase your page rankings in search engines.


No site does the perfect job of using everything in search engine optimization. Choose the things needed for your business site and use the right resources for the stipulated budget to enjoy better returns for the investment.

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